Saturday, 14 April 2012

SSIS Package, Tasks, Containers, Variables, Data Pipeline, Event Handler

SSIS Package, Tasks, Containers, Variables, Data Pipeline, Event Handler

SSIS Package :  A discrete executable unit of work composed of a collection of control flow and other objects, including data sources, transformations, process sequence, and rules, error and event handling and data destinations.

Containers :  Package objects that provide structure to packages and special services to tasks. Containers are used to support repeating control flows in packages and to group tasks. Containers can include other containers in addition to tasks.

Tasks : Package elements that define activities and processes, including data sources, destinations, transformations, and others.

Precedence Constraints :  Constraints that link executables, containers, and tasks within the package control flow and specify conditions that determine the sequence and conditions for determining whether executables run.

Variables :  Storage for values that an SSIS package and its containers , tasks, and event handlers can use at run time. The scripts in the scripts task and the script component can also use variables.

Control Flow :  An SSIS package process control component used to control flow elements that containers that provide structure in packages and services to tasks, tasks that provide functionality in packages, and precedence constraints that connect containers and tasks.

Data Flow :   An SSIS package data process  control component defined from within package control flow  that loads data from sources, transforms  and routes it through transformations, and saves it to destinations.

Event Handler :  An SSIS package process control component used to define the process activities to be performed at the time of a specific event state for the package or for any of its tasks or containers.

Data Pipeline :  The memory – based, multithreaded, buffered transformation process flow of data through an SSIS data flow task during package execution.

BIDS :   SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio. Provides the integration services project in which you create packages, their data sources, and data sources views. Read more ...

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