Monday, 5 May 2014

SSIS Fast Load Oracle Destination Step by Step :

SSIS Fast Load Oracle Destination Step by Step : 

To fast load the data into Oracle destination I am using here Oracle Attunity. Attunity help us to fast load the data. Here I am showing you step by step to load the data fastly for this I am using DB2 source.

Step 1: Take Dataflow Task for perform ETL operation.

Step 2 : Take OLEDB Source and create a connection which is your source database and choose SQL Command to write the script for fetch only those field which required.

Step 3 : Click on Columns tab.

Step 4 : Take Data Conversion Transformation if there is need in my scenario I need Data Conversion transformation to change some data types and their size.

Step 5: Here I have changed some columns data types according to destination columns data types.

Step 6: Take Oracle Attunity Destination and configure the connection string.
TNS Service Name: Is your TNS for Destination server
User Name: Server User name
Password: Server Password

Then Click on Test Connection if Test connection succeeded then press OK and again OK.

Step 7: Click on Name Of The Table Or The View Dropdown to select the correct table.

Step 8: Click on Mapping tab to map the columns and Click on OK.

Step 9: Click on RUN to Execute the Package.

It has taken only 0.22 Seconds to fetch 87,840 records.