Saturday, 9 March 2013

Difference Between Script Task and Script Component

Script Task VS Script Component :

While both the objects provide scripting environments using the VSTA engine, yet there are inherent differences in their purpose and functions. This is due to their design architecture and the placement in development environment.

Ø  The main difference of Script Task and Script Component is the way the script is executed by both the objects. The Script Task executes the script only once for each execution instance of the task, while the Script Component generally executes the script for each row, as it applies the custom transformation on each of the data row reads.

Ø  The Script Task is available in the Control Flow task tab, while the Script Component works in the pipeline or the Data Flow Task.

Ø  You can choose Script Component as a Source, a transformation, or a destination. The choice of function and the metadata and properties you configure in the editor results in creation of different members of the base classes in the auto-generated code. The Script Task does not provide any such facility, as the code generated is always the same.

Ø  The Dts property works with only the Script Task and it is not available in the Script Component.

Ø  The Script Task supports breakpoints while Script Component does not support breakpoints. 

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    The above article given a value points about Difference Between Script Task and Script Component. Differences between the Script Task and the Script Component. ... The Script component is configured on the Data Flow page of the designer and represents a source, transformation, or destination in the Data Flow task. Purpose. A Script task can accomplish almost any general-purpose task.